Typing in Talossan

Talossan uses many characters not normally found in English, including vowel characters with various diacritics, additional consonant characters, and additional punctuation marks. Use the resources below to learn how to type these characters on a variety of platforms.

Custom Talossan keyboard layout

The hard-core Ladintsch can download and install a dedicated Talossan keyboard layout for Windows or Macintosh by going to the Wittenberg thread linked here.

Standard English keyboard in Windows

See this guide for a number of methods for typing special characters in Windows using a standard English keyboard.

US International English keyboard in Windows

For more frequent use of special characters, consider installing the US International English keyboard layout.

Special characters in OS X

This guide explains how Mac users can type special characters in OS X.

iOS and Android

On iOS (iPad, iPhone, iPod) and most Android devices, you can access most special characters used in Talossan through a long press (touch and hold) on the normal form of a character in the normal keyboard. For example, á, à, and ä are available through a menu that pops up when you long-press a.