A Complete Guide to the Talossan Language

Second English Edition

This comprehensive but very accessible text provides the most detailed grammar and usage guide for the Talossan language ever published. This must-have guide to Talossan grammar and style will provide any current or prospective Ladintsch with a better understanding and appreciation of el bel glheþ Talossan!

ISBN 978-1-453-77729-9
January 2011
(First Edition December 2008)
268 pages
6″ x 9″ trade paper

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and its affiliate

The Association of Talossan Language Organisations (L’Apvieniba dals Ciumisas Glheþeascas)

The ATLO was formed in May of 2007 to coördinate and publicise activities of societies dedicated to the study and use of the Talossan language, and is responsible for the content of this Website. All stable and active organisations dedicated to the study, use, or advancement of Talossan are invited to affiliate with the ATLO.

ATLO-Affiliated Organisations

  • The Committee for the Use of the Talossan Language (La Comità per l’Útzil del Glheþ). Founded in 1983, the Committee is the official regulator of the language. It maintains a multi-lingual online presence, including access to its latest recommendations and studies of the language.

Unaffiliated Organisations

  • The Talossan Language School (L’Icastolâ). Founded in 2004.